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Great Album Larry, being from Mich as well. Hot Mustard was a Favorite of mine on the Album 

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not to mention the "Sky King" recordings......very influential to me in the early days. 

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Excellent post and topic Bob, Thank You for posting! 

As harp Players we are very lucky and honored to have Madcat w/ us on this 
list. I have seen him with The Brubeck sons on many occasions and own the 
recordings that Madcat did with Dave and his sons. These are must haves for 
any serious harmonica players and especially if your interested in playing 
these classic Brubeck gems like "Take Five" & "Blue Rondo" on your harp! Get 
them you won't be disappointed!!! 

Dave was playing so great right up to his last recording which BTW feature 

I use Madcat's recordings with all my students as we work on different 
techniques and positions, they're invaluable tools. 

Madcat doesn't just PLAY the songs, he gets "inside" them with his unique 
approach and sound all his own....I have learned much from studying his 

Here is a link to his recordings, a great way to stuff those Holiday 
stockings folks,-) 

Thank You for the Music Dave Brubeck and HUGE thanks to Madcat for his 
amazing contributions tou our instrument with this Giant of Music. 

all the best, 
Rob Paparozzi 

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With the passing of the great Dave Brubeck, perhaps our own Madcat Ruth 
would grace us with some words about his time[s] playing with the Master? 
Most of us know that Madcat has played with both Dave Brubeck and his sons 
off-and-on for many years. I still remember discovering the album "Two 
Generations of Brubeck" while in college and being blown away hearing Madcat 
play diatonic harp on "Blue Rondo a la Turk." 
WVa Bob 

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