[Harp-L] Custom Harmonica Review - Dave Payne

As Im sure many of you know, Dave Payne works for us now and so you can say im making this up to sell harps. that is fine. Think that if you want! This is not biased. If this harmonica sucked, I would not post a review. Nor, have I EVER posted a full review of another customizers work until now...

BUT, I today received a special custom harmonica from my friend Dave Payne. sometimes us customizers like to share harps when we play on the same team. Dave was kind enough to make me a beautiful seydel 1847 G, with steel, reeds, but brass reedplates ah hah. Discontinued, but still available for dealers. Old pre war seydel covers and a gorgeous fat tone, american chestnut comb. 800 years old.

1st, aesthetics awesome. really nice looking harp. Took the time to polish the covers and edges of the brass reedplates.

All 4 5 6 overblows work. no squeal. hard to hit 4 and 5 on a G. But they are there on this harp.

2 and 3 draw smoke. Hard for me to do deep throat vibrato on these holes on a stock. EASY on this. 4 draw like butter.


The tuning is unparalleled. Elk River compromise tuning. Every chord like velvet. Perfectly smooth. Dave has the best ear. It shows.

Here is the last comment:

Up til now, I have not been a fan of steel reeds. I really like working with Seydel. I really like seydel brass. I really like hohner brass. Dave made this thing sound brassy. If there is such a word. I might be converted.

Dave Rules. BUT please do not buy his harmonicas. Because Id rather him build me more and not you = )

p.s. the comb is almost .30 thick and so for all of those people that think thin combs make the harp play better, I respectfully disagree!

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