Re: [Harp-L] AABB playing

It is typical of Irish and old time dance music where the A and B parts are 8 bars each. Time signature is typically 4/4 (reel, hornpipe, etc.) 6/8 (jig), or 9/8 (slide).  A part is played through twice followed by twice through the B part. Then the entire sequence is repeated at least once before ending or flowing into another tune. Longer tunes may have a C part (Banish Misfortune) and even a D part (Langstern's Pony). 


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> Need a little help. I would like to see if someone could tell me a little about playing AABB. I did a search, but did not find the answer I was looking for. Could be I need more time, I was looking while on a break at work.
> Thanks for any help. Tony Stephens
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