Re: [Harp-L] Bassman Reissue or Bassman Reissue LTD?

They both have the same audio circuit (circuit diffrences are minor revisions to the bias supply filtering and the first generation had additional power transformer secondary winding fuses), biggest difference is the LTD has a pine cabinet. Both can sound great, people, as ever, have their preferences.
The LTD has a bias trim pot as standard, so biasing up new tubes with some probes is easy for the technically minded...might not make much difference to most other folk. A rebias without the pot shouldn't cost more than a basic bench fee & when used for harp, power tubes will last 5years plus of heavy gigging. Pre LTDs can be retro fitted with a bias pot, again, shouldn't cost much more than a basic bench/rebias fee plus parts (Kendrick amplifiers do a mod kit).
The early RIs came with SS rectifiers, many of these have been changed out for 5U4 or 5AR4 tubes over the years. The LTD came with a 5AR4, but 5U4 is also an option (more sag).
Early RIs had Eminence Legend 102 blue frame alnico speakers (no longer made, but you can still buy the 35W black framed versions), these are great speakers for harp. In the late 90's these were switched to Italian SICA Jensen P10Rs which many people feel are not as good for harp. All LTDs came from the factory with the Jensens.
The oldest RIs are 20yrs old now...they may need a little TLC & understanding when the odd resistor burns out, but are worth buying for the speakers. Generally, I'd opt for a newer amp if looking to buy used, if all that is available are Jensen equipped amps, and look to upgrade speakers as time & money allow. An RI bassman (any year) is still a hell of an amp, lots of info & experience around for optimising them.

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Subject: [Harp-L] Bassman Reissue or Bassman Reissue LTD?

Haven't posted in a while but this is one I've been curious about. I know a few of the differences between the first Bassman Reissue and the RI LTD but I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compare them. Which seemed better for harp and why? If you haven't had a chance to compare, I'd be happy for any input on the theoretical advantages of either.


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