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I'm trying to get my second CBH2016 up and running and apparently the nuts used to attach the mouthpiece are stripped. Does anyone know the correct size of the screw and nut for the mouthpiece? Or, where I can order them from?

Would truly appreciate a response on this.


On Dec 3, 2012, at 3:43 PM, Michael Easton wrote:

I may have to correct you a bit on stocking 60 year old parts Winslow.

Hohner Germany still carries parts for many of their outdated line including wood combs and straight slides for the older 16 holers From what I recently read you can also purchase NOS discontinued models
at the factory. There is a good chance they also fix them since the parts are still available.

Now comes the hard part. Me not cursing every profanity in the book about the the arrangement H-USA has with H-Germany to NOT SELL new or discontinued parts to US citizens.

EU players and techs can get the parts but we can't. I salivated when I went on the German site and saw all the vintage parts listed, including the much needed
straight slides for the wood comb 64's.

1/2 of my business deals in restoring the prewar chromatics. The parts are out there but I can't get to them and that sucks big time.

I still have respect for Hohner Germany. The actions of the US distributor should not reflect on the mother company though. If I could, I'd bypass HohmerUSA altogether but for now I have to keep ordering what I can
from them. <sigh>

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The modern 280 is a completely different beast from the 1955 one:

-- Plastic comb, screwed together with reedplates vs. wood comb nailed

-- Cross tuned vs. straight tuned

-- Different slide

-- Different mouthpiece with screw holes in a different place

-- 2-piece slide assembly (back ing plate and slide) vs. 3-piece slide assembly (backplate, slide, cage aka U-channel)

And the recent (2005 and later) reeds are different as well.

Again, no manufacturer is going to stock parts for something they stopped making over 60 years ago. That's where custom repair guys (like you) fill the void.

During the 1960s if you sent a wood-combed 280 to Hohner for repair, they would just throw it away and send you a new plastic- combed 280.


Take Care Mike

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