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I'd avoid any valveless chromatic. Some folks disagree, but no valveless slide harmonica that I have played has been free of excessive leakiness. 

I'd also recommend a 12-hole chromatic. Chromatics with 8 and 10 holes tend be short on range for anyone used to having a full three octave range on a 10-hole diatonic.

Look for solo tuning, where all octaves have the same note layout. Some  10-hole chromatics are really slide diatonics, with the same note layout as a standard diatonic. This may seem like a good way to ease into chromatic playing, but almost all the chromatic playing you hear is on solo-tuned instruments, and attempting to emulate that playing on a diatonic-tuned instrument will be an exercise in frustration.

Some valved Chinese chromatics such as the models from Swan, are available in 12-hole models for under $100. I haven't played or examined these, but some chromatic players have reviewed them positively.

The Seydel Standard and the Hohnica (Hohner) Educator 10 are in that category.My(8, 10, 12, and 14-hole sizes), Suzuki SCX-48, and Seydel Deluxe. These are all solid instruments, though the large holes and long slide throw of the Chrometta make it a little strange to play.

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Hey all,

  My friend wants to get a chromatic harmonica, and asked my opinion on
what would be best for his budget. Being a primarily diatonic player, I
don't really have a good idea of the range of chromatic instruments. What
would be an ideal chromatic harmonica for around $100 (ideally hohner)?


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