Re: [Harp-L] re; Freight Train Blues

To encourage this discussion, allow me to point you to this guy: 
Peter Graham lives not far from me,and we share a fondness for the same kind of harp players.
I play this stuff to, but Peter has got around to making a couple of clips.
Here's more: 
Hope Peter doesn't mind me posting these. He will always point out that he's in it for fun only; sounds like fun to me.
(Melbourne, Australia)

>>> David Terry <walkincane@xxxxxxxxx> 1/05/2012 8:19 >>>
Thanx Cara for the reminder! Lonnie workd w/ wayne from 1938 in Little
Rocks local station and they moved up to Cincinatie both as a duo on Live
radio.Lonnie was also partner in the harp mail order w/ Wayne.Next order of
history? hmmmm let us discuss more of Lonnie and maybe DeFord Baily?( I
Love this stuff)

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