[Harp-L] Mechanical resonance

Dave, is the concerto/octave tuned  to just, equal, or compromise

Do you think you were feeling the low frequency difference tones for the
two C chords (each an octave apart), or was it the octave notes for each
chord note beating, or perhaps both of these together?

If it shook the table, it sounds low frequency.

Doug S.

David Payne Posted at 12:58pm on 04/29/12:
I was making a C Octave Blues Harp today out of a Seydel Concerto. When I
played the C chord on the low C side, I could feel the vibrations going
down my arm and it was shaking the table a little. When I played the C3
note by itself, nothing. Same with the E3 and G3. E3 and G3 together, also
nothing, but the combination of the three for the chord introduced this
powerful resonance. It was cool.

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