[Harp-L] Re: Which analog delay?

"I'm looking to get an analog delay pedal to get that slapback delay sound. I have been looking at possible getting a Maxon AD999, but what do you guys find works best?

~Joey Anchors"

Hi Joe,
I had the earlier Maxon pedal (lost to thief) and got a Keeley-modified Ibanez AD-9 ( the mod added true-bypass which the more expensive Maxon has) and then settled for the Lone Wolf Harp Delay.
 I may get the second delay that Lone Wolf's, Randy Landry makes because of the tonality difference.
The Ibanez and Maxon AD-9 were good sounding, but I did not use much of the range in my playing.
The LW Harp Delay range is perfect for the amps, mics and sound I have been using.
I have used the LW Harp Delay with and without a reverb and notice the change and like the sound.
Sometimes it is just as cool to plug straight in to a good amp and other times delay and reverb are like butter on toast.
Best regards,

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