Re: [Harp-L] Which analog Delay?

Martin Shakeshaft wrote:
<If you are looking to expand your pedal collection in the future one way to go is a multi effect <pedal. You get loads of Delays, but also a host of other effects and amp models. All for the price <of a single delay. I have a Zoom G3 which I love, but I know Richard Hunter who uses this list also <creates patches for the Digitech RP series, which sound very good. It also means that if you ever <need to go direct into a PA you can get the amp sound you want. I did try a couple of dedicated <pedals but in the end settled for the Zoom.

I would argue that the Digitech RP355 is the equivalent of three or so really good analog delays (meaning delays produced by analog circuitry). It's got (modeled) analog, tape, and EchoPlex delays, and they all sound different and very good.  It's also got a bunch of good reverbs, and most people like reverb on their sound at least once in a while.  

The RP155 and 255 also have the same analog delays, and the 255 has the same tape delay.   But you only get the EchoPlex model in the RP355.

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