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Hi Elizabeth, and everyone,
Until now I also did not know he died. Sad, yet part of his  legacy will be 
 he leaves the world and many children a desire to  play music. I saw a 
feature on Andy Macky, the "Harmonica Man", on TV a few  years ago. What 
impressed me the most was he was a man of his word. After  throwing away the 15 
type of medicines he was on, he used the money to buy  harmonicas for 
hundreds, maybe thousands of  kids. Not to mention the  time he devoted during the 
rest of his life to spreading the music.
For me, this is the type of man I look up to. Also, an example for my kids  
that in the face of adversity you can  grow stronger as a human being.  
Harmonica Man is a hero for me. Spreading music from the heart to young  people.
I especially dug the part of the video of Andy playing  the harp from  a 
hospital bed hooked up to I Vs !
Chris Mastakas
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Phil:  his story HAS been here, on more than one occasion in fact, but I 
not  know he'd died. I'm sorry to hear this. What a difference he made for  
so  many children. He was amazing.

His story struck a special  extra note for me because he was Scottish (and  
reminded me so much  of my Dad). I appreciate the update.

Thank  you,


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Subject: [Harp-L] harmonica  man made a difference
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I don't recall  seeing any mention of this at the time.  The harmonica man 
is an  example of how one man makes a difference. 

The  Harmonica Man - A  retired Scottish-born man should have died long 
before he did  last  fall. But after facing death on more than one 
occasion, he 
decided to  share  his secret to happiness ...  music.


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