[Harp-L] Brendan Looking for pre-SPAH Gigs

Hi all, I'm coming to SPAH in August and would like to come to the USA early
and do a show or three in the weekend before SPAH. Preferably in the Dallas
area (to keep flight costs down), but if there are other options that will
pay for extra internal flights I'm open to offers.


Available dates are August 9-13. I can do a solo show with loops/backing
tracks etc, or combine with local musicians. Also happy to do
workshop/masterclass and give private lessons.


If you have any ideas please reply off-list: bren@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




Brendan Power

WEBSITE: www.brendan-power.com <http://www.brendan-power.com/> 

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/tethnik

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/BrendanPowerMusic


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