[Harp-L] RE;Freight Train Boogie(was Doc Watson)

I see in this referential thread a great regaurd given to the Delmore
Bros.What I fail to understnd is the fact that the man who played harmonica
on that particular song gets absolutly NO mention. His name is Wayne
Raney.He was an active player from 1934 thru the mid 80's he established
one of the first mail order buisness's for harmonica and was very
succsessful.His playing was Phenominal and Charliey McCoy himself said he
borrowed licks from several of his solo recordings one of which was #1 on
country stations in 1949 "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me". Please
Pardon My Terseness but consider this a vigorous finger wag under the
list's nose for acolades given to the wrong artists!

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