Re: [Harp-L] Sunday in SF Bay Area concerts

Hi Grant 

that sounds like a super show you have lined up please send my regards to Curtis and have a great day

Yes I vote for a Harp Fest next year in the bay area you can do it!!-)

All the best,
Rob Paparozzi

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On Apr 27, 2012, at 1:36 PM, Grant Walters <grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just a reminder that Curtis Salgado will be playing 
> at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Festival this Sunday....
> Here is a link ...notice that each act has a link...
> If click on the link near Curtis's head will take you 
> to his reverbnatiion site where you can watch video that will 
> prove to you that he is one of our best Vocalist / Harp players.
> Maybe next year I will have a Harmonica Fest instead of the Blues fest on Saturday... Could be fun...
> If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area ...please come by and see this ...not to be missed festival....
> details also on this link...find Dream machines link...
> I am not a "graphic artist" But I did make this poster...
> this idea came to me to put links on the poster to the acts and venues...
> hope it works for you...
> Grant Walters....

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