[Harp-L] Re: Political blues

Does anyone know any artists that are singing about some more  politically
motivated or socially/environmentally conscious  blues?
Josh White did a fair share of that stuff.  look up his  lyrics to 'Free & 
Equal Blues', 'One Meatball', and Jelly  Jelly... where one line goes; 
'Perhaps a bankers daughter, if her papa  is a cuss, I hope to do to her what her 
papa does to us.'   I think he  wrote that in the 1950's, seems fresh & 
relevant 60 years  later.
John Mayall's 'Prisons on the Road' was about cars polluting the air in the 
 1970's.  'Graffiti Limbo' by Michelle Shocked w/Rod Piazza on harp is  
outstanding.  Jimmy Reed's 'Big Boss Man' is a standard that is often  heard, 
'Born in Chicago' is another.  Plenty of that stuff out there if you  dig 
around a bit.
Christopher Richards
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