[Harp-L] Political Blues

Here is a view from the audience.  When an artist insists upon foisting his
or her political BS upon me disguised as entertainment, I walk out and never
frequent their shows again.   I love Linda Ronstadt's later work with Nelson
Riddle but I quit following her after her political "awakening."  Do I need
to mention "Dixie Chicks?" Anybody heard of them lately? I make a living on
the edges of the political world and get pulled into political fights on a
fairly regular basis.  I don't want politics over drinks or dinner or when I
go out for an evening's entertainment.  If you decide you are going to do
this just realize that as a business decision you are risking ticking off
somewhere between forty and fifty percent of your audience on one side or
the other whichever side you take.  How about looking deeper into the human
condition than just whiskey and women instead?  There's plenty of common
ground there if you look for it.  Listen to some Chainsaw DuPont if you want
to hear a man who knows how to sensitively examine the condition of the
human soul in the blues genre.  

Bill Kumpe
Tulsa, OK 

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