Re: [Harp-L] Special 20 cover bolts

Like what is used on Crossovers and Seydel steel harps?  I get those in 
bulk direct from Hohner.  I use those instead of a screw/nut on custom 
Marine Bands as well.  


On Thursday, April 26, 2012 3:19:43 AM UTC-5, Mike Best wrote:
> I saw a Special 20 the other day where someone had removed the brass bolts 
> and nuts which hold the cover plates on, and replaced them with tiny 
> Phillips head stainless steel bolts which screw into equally tiny hollow 
> stainless steel nuts, also with Phillips head.  These make it way more easy 
> to put the covers back on than trying to line up the original nut and bolt 
> I've seen them referred to as "sex bolts", "barrel nuts" or "binding 
> posts".  Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and maybe suggest where I 
> could get some? 
> Cheers 
> Mike 

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