Re: [Harp-L] doc watson

Love the Delmore Brothers "Freight Train Boogie" too (with Wayne Raney on harp).
I listened to a couple versions on YouTube, and it sounds like the words are "big six wheeler" (at 01:28) in the following video, but the lyrics that I found online read "On an 8-wheel driver"...
I also like the familiar music at 1:00... I believe this line comes from "One O'clock Jump", or maybe originated somewhere else... I always think of "The Gong Show" with Gene Gene the Dancing Machine when I hear that music line at about 0:40...
Ken H in OH


From: Rick Dempster 
I did this tune too, for years. Still do, occasionally. Got it from the Delmore Brothers who penned and recorded it first I believe. Would have been Wayne Raney on harp, I suppose.
One thing I noticed in Doc's version is that he says 'big eight wheeler', which is what I always sang, but only because the Delmore's sound like they're singing 'six eight wheeler', which, to this old train buff, made no sense at all, so I changed it to 'big'. (Buffs note: an eight wheeler is going to be either a 4-4-0 or a 2-6-0, hmm...or a 2-4-2. Still doesn't make any sense.) Anyone got a take on this? hey, sorry if this isn't 'harp related' enough,
but to trad harp players, trains and harps have a visceral connection, yes?

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