[Harp-L] VHT "starter" amp

I was just using this amp last night, modifying the patches on my RP355 (I got a set from Richard Hunter and have further modified them). 
Just for fun I plugged in my electric guitar and tried using the preset patches--this combination sounds Incredible!
Nice to know I have gotten my money's worth!
At some point I might try to mod the amp for harp.  
PS It's pretty loud!
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The best starter amp for a blues harp player is the VHT Special 6
combo amp.  It has great tone out of the box, is loud enough for some
gigging, and is very well made in the style and tradition of vintage
tube amplifiers.  In the price range nothing else is really close.

There are several article about the VHT Special 6 combo amp at The
Blues Harp Amps blog:



-Rick Davis

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