[Harp-L] ~Harmonica Amplifier for Sale~

Thanks for posting!

Amplifier For Sale:

Meteor Mini-Meat Harmonica Amplifier

This is a tone to the bone harp amp with a fat 15” in it.

I went to  Scooter ‘s house 2 years ago and tried out this amp. I loved the
tone and drove it home.

 I  have used it on big stages and small clubs with no feedback issues with
my bullet & JT-30.

It is in great shape, and all the grill fabric is brand new..

It sales for 1450.00. I am raising money to fiancé another CD recording so
I would like

To get 1000.00. You pay shipping costs. I have a reinforced cardboard box
to ship it anywhere in the US.

You can call me at my cell: 215-279-1574 cell  More info here:


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