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FWIW I´ll unhesitatingly second Steve´s recommendation below of the Roland Mobile Cube. Can´t say that it was really cheap -- and Mr Roland is a bit greedy when he only sells a special Roland adapter to go with the amp -- but it´s the only small/micro amp I´ve tried that gives a clean, relatively warm sound as a starting point. (This is miles -- European miles, mind you -- from e.g. the Danelectro Honeytone.)
  My preferred mic (old Beyer dynamic) works just fine on the effects channel so you can get dirty as well and not sound entirely like an angry sewing machine. The chorus is OK.
  It´s also surprisingly loud.
  No line out, though, which is a pity.
Mine's a Roland Mobile Cube. It packs quite a punch for such a little feller. It runs on 6 AA batteries, and if you want to run it from the mains you'd have to buy a mains adapter. I don't bother. If you use a cheapie electret mic for cupping in your hand, you can use the "instruments" socket on it and get some decent effects (not so with my Microvox setup, for some reason - I have to use the mic socket only). I get a really good, clean sound, which is what I want. It has reverb and delay and more. You might get it for around $160-170 in the US, leaving you change for your mic. It won't turn you into a pro but you'll have a lot of fun with it. Others' kilometerages may vary...

> Hi,
> I've been playing harp for a few years, I'm not very good, but I am having fun.  I am wondering what inexpensive amp the collective wisdom of the group recommends for someone wanting to try electric harp.  I'm able to spend up to about $200, knowing for that price I won't get anything that will fill an arena with sound, but hoping for decent sound
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