[Harp-L] RE: Hohner 364/365 (was Thunderbird)

 Great performance Brendan.

A good clip faster than the version on "Iron Lungs"  (which I also really like).  The SBS 365 sounds very rich & full on this with the extended range & the Double Paddy tuning is brilliant!  Did you also half valve the 365?  (w/ anything for those last two wee high notes on holes 13, and 14?)

-Burke T.

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Steve responds: "To the best of my knowledge Hohner will continue to make
the 364 & 365, both are in the new catalogue."


Thanks Steve, that's good to hear! Your SBS version of the 365 is a great
harp. I always carry a double Paddy Richter version in D with me;  here it
is being played in Dublin:




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