RE: [Harp-L] A tune out of left field.....

  JP said:
> The "Sick and Tired" version Ryan Hartt posted is reggae. "The  
> Israelite" and the other tune Ryan posted are actually ska which is a  
> different Jamaican idiom.  Ska has a different groove that is busier  
> and  more uptempo than reggae and would require a different approach  
> than one would use playing reggae.

I hate to nitpick, but The Techniques "Sick and Tired" and The Specials "A Message To You Rudy" are both Rocksteady grooves. 
Rocksteady is the bridge between Ska and Reggae. It still has the upstroke guitar on the ands, like Ska but a more syncopated bass line that dominates Reggae.

Bob explains it in his own way here:



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