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Maybe it's just the way my brain has been wired.
I've worked in quality control around 35 years now.

The things I say about Hohner aren't meant to be negative but perhaps negative reinforcement
to get positive things done. It's very hard for me to look at something be it a product or service without thinking
it can be done better or more efficient. It's just my nature from having to analyze what's wrong rather then right with
the products manufactured where I work. It's all custom made and has to be perfect down fractions of a mm.

I'm the same way with my business and band. My band mates are updated constantly though emails. If one guy gives me a date he
can't do a gig all the band mates are aware of it right away so as not to book a gig that night. Likewise as soon as a gig comes in they are informed within the hour and it goes on our
website just as fast. In my business I let customers know what's going on in my life that may cause delays in getting their harps back even if it's a day or two.

So while I may occasionally rag on Hohner maybe they need to hear it from someone on the outside that has invested so much time in their product and services. I'm not on the payroll or afraid of losing an endorsement deal so I can speak my mind freely.


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Steve is 100% right... I have had issues with Hohner in the past, but the
harmonicas they build today are second to none!
95% of MY harmonicas are Hohner... Why?
Because I think they are as good as it gets.
Of course these days there are many good harmonica manufacturers. But I
don't think anyone else makes harmonicas that are better than Hohner.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now
in Scotland...

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Michael wrote:
â?¦ it might be a good idea to let folks know about any new products â?¦
Someone on Slidemeister mentioned the
new "Discovery" model chromatic that is coming out this summer.

Steve responds:
I try to avoid mentioning products which aren't available yet. This can
raise expectations which are then not fulfilled right away. In Germany
Hohner's distributor Musik Meyer has a monthly newsletter which informs about all
new products and the English language part of the www.hohner.de website is
pretty informative too. I agree with you that to "do good things and then
tell people about them" is the way to go.

Steve  Baker

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