[Harp-L] Get the Hohner word out

Since you are the Hohner spokesman here it might be a good idea to let folks know about any new products
Hohner post to it's websites. Someone on Slidemeister mentioned the new "Discovery" model chromatic that is coming out this summer.

I tend to find new products by accident when I need to visit the US website. The company need to be better enthused in promoting
it's new products rather then relying on players to find out by accident. Act like a capitalist, put some excitement into backing new products. ;-)

Found some info on the new box designs. Hohner is starting to place photos of current and past endorsees on the boxes. Their photo may not necessary mean
they played it as their main instrument or had a part in the design.

The Blues Harp has Bob Corritore, Jr. Wells and Dan Smith on the cover. Here is an image of the cover. http://www.bobcorritore.com/images/Hohner_BC.jpg


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