[Harp-L] music in schools and colleges

I have incorporated the study of harmonica in my elementary music classes by integrating it into the academic curriculum.  Learning the instrument in general music classes meets the national initiatives of "project based learning" and ties well into american history from westward expansion, (Hohner's marketing strategies in the us), civil war (the instrument to off to war with) to space flight (first instrument played in space).

I include a performance in my spring concert and the students get to keep the instruments.  They love it!

I have also offered adult harmonica courses at two of my local community colleges through the credit-free continuing education program with great success.  

Another approach is the after school programs that the PTA sponsors in the schools.  If you are a parent or community member go to your local PTA and offer a class.  You will even be paid for your time.

I believe that most music teachers would welcome a community member coming in and offering a unit on playing the harmonica.  Just be sure to be organized and prepared with a structured lesson plan, patience and a love for kids.

Summer camps, community centers, places of worship (teach holiday songs) are all avenues for teaching the diatonic or starting with the four hole as I do.  Just tie it in to what the organizations goals are.  

Good luck

Dave Laks

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