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> Why do we not have seminars on this subject at the spah conventions? Not so
> much as to learn but how to teach  and present lesson plans etc.  Jerl Welch

Hey Jerl, everyone,

Off the top of my head I don't know if there is already a teaching seminar planned for this year's SPAH (seminar list so far is here: http://spah.org/content.asp?pl=20&sl=31&contentid=31) but if you think you could handle putting one on, or know someone who can, you should contact Manfred Wewers (mwewers@xxxxxxxxxx). He is still looking for seminar presenters. 

I also wanted to mention that (among many others) Dr. Saïs Kamalidiin (http://www.coas.howard.edu/music/academics/faculty/sais_kamalidiin.html) might be a good person to talk to about college-level music programs for harmonica. He is the Coordinator of Flute Studies at Howard University, and he is an avid harmonica player and SPAH member. He will not be at this year's convention, but I'm hoping he makes it to next year's.

-JP Pagán

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