[Harp-L] Is there such a critter?

Am looking at purchasing a Tenor C chromatic, but so far all I've found is
the Hohner 270 and the CX12. I don't like either the square holes or the
use of nails instead of screws in the 270, & I've heard and read too many
negatives about the audibly loud slide mechanism of the CX12. Is there such
a critter as a Tenor C with round holes and a quiet slide mechanism?

FWIW, I already own a Seydel DeLux in the key of C, a very nice Hohner 280
C, and an equally nice Suzuki Chromatix SCX-64 (also in C). But I'm looking
for a 12 hole chromatic that starts on C3 for a few songs in particular.

Input would be greatly appreciated.


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