Re: [Harp-L] Re: College music program on harmonica

Thank so much Tony for that insight.  Wow, what a big difference
between that and North America.

A resident composer for the harmonica orchestra?  That sounds incredible!

The harmonica is probably a great instrument for the school level,
being much cheaper and more portable than other band/orchestra type
instruments.  I assume they have the traditional
brass/woodwinds/strings/percussion ensembles in the schools as well?

Do you have any idea of the history of this trend?  When did they
start having this explosion of harmonica ensembles?  Why?

I don't mean to overload you with questions - I'm just very curious.


On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Tony Eyers <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jason posted
> "One of the things that got me thinking about this are these Harmonica
> Orchestra videos from Asia.
> .......
> So, what is the the story over there? Is harmonica interest in
> general so great there that it supports University level orchestras?
> Are these ensembles the only ones of their kind, or are there many of
> them at all levels?"
> I've been a judge at the last two Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals, so I can
> comment here.
> The Asian countries have multiple harmonica orchestras. Many are associated
> with high schools, and are of a standard you'd expect from a school band.
> Then there are the leading harmonica orchestras. In particular, the ones
> from Malaysia and Hong Kong are exquisitely good. The Hong Kong orchestra
> has a resident composer, much of the activity arises from the efforts of the
> Kings Harmonica Quintet members.
> Almost all of the elite players are amateurs.
> In addition to the orchestras, there are many many excellent trios (Bass,
> Chord, Chromatic/Tremolo)
> One of the session I judged has around 20 trios, almost all excellent.
> Very few 10 hole players. The Asia Pacific harmonica festival has around
> 2000 competitors, the 10 hole competition has less than 10 entrants.
> Tony Eyers
> Australia
> ...everyone plays

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