[Harp-L] MB Deluxe tuning, MB comb

as you say, the MB Deluxe is tuned the same as the standard MB. The root notes are intended to sound at A = 442 - 443Hz, though the pitch measured will vary, depending on the air pressure and embouchure of the player. It can also rise slightly following the tuning process and will tend to fall slghtly through playing. In practice, few people notice such variations. Tuning harmonica reeds is not an exact science and manufacturers have to aim for a mean value which will work for most players. I have sometimers lowered the pitch of factory tuned harps myself, but players with a different embouchure intonate slightly lower and get along fine with factory tuning. Out of interest I just checked the basic intonation values of a highly regarded model from another manufacturer and found them to be considerably higher than A = 443, so I imagine this practice is fairly widespread.

The standard MB comb is now sealed once, rendering it considerably more water resistant and also improving response in comparison to unsealed combs. The MB Deluxe and Crossover combs are triple sealed, then the additional Ultraglide coating is applied to the front.

Steve Baker

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