[Harp-L] Re. Thunderbird

Hohner and their development partners (eg. Joe Filisko) are to be
congratulated on the Thunderbird harps. Getting such a decent sound out of
those regular-length reeds diatonic reeds is quite an achievement, and the
conical covers are excellent.


One query for Steve: I've always loved the Hohner 364 and 365 models. I did
an A/B test of a Low C 364 and Low C Thunderbird and must confess I still
prefer the sound of the 364: louder and richer - I guess down to the longer
reeds. Will they continue to be made now the Thunderbird series is out?


@Richard Hunter: I'm a fan of pitch shifters too Richard, but... They're
great for single notes; However, their tracking of chords (in my experience)
is far from accurate or pleasant to listen to. Low harps give you that fat
rich chordal playing which pitch shifters cannot - unless you can point me
to one that does?


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