Re: [Harp-L] Digitech RP?

Ryan Hartt wrote:
<What's the best RP unit to get if I'm primarily interested octave, Leslie and reverb? If it has a <note hold thing that would be cool too.
<I'll be using it through my amp so amp modeling is not important. 

The best RP unit for ONLY octave doubling, rotary (leslie) speaker, and reverb is the RP255.  All these effects exist on the RP155 as well, but the RP255's footpedal puts them under your direct control in real time, and that's worth paying a little extra for. The Leslie effect sounds a lot more realistic when you speed it up and slow it down using the pedal, and it's great to be able to bring the octave FX in and out as fast or slow as you like, too. 

FYI all, I've been monitoring the prices of used RPs, and the best deals on used RPs are at Guitar Center--generally $20-30 less than prices on eBay, which is a substantial portion of the overall cost.  Most of the RPs I own were purchased used, and I've never had a problem with any of them. Go to, click on "used gear", type "rp255" into the "keyword" box, and see what you find.  Any Guitar Center will ship to any location in the USA for a few bucks--less than you'd spend on gas driving to the nearest Guitar Center in most cases.

None of the RPs have a note hold function, but the 255 does have a 20 second looper (which is not the same thing, but it's the closest thing to it on an RP).

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