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Sorry, I just re-read my earlier post and realized it didn't make much sense

What I meant to say is that I am a blues-based diatonic player, and I'm wondering if anyone who has been to the Asia Pacific Festival can give me some advice whether it's something I should consider going to


On 19/04/2012, at 10:19 AM, "Mike Best" <> wrote:

> I've never heard of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, but a quick google shows it on again this year in August in Malaysia
> Is it something which would be of interest to a blues-based diatonic player?
> Cheers
> Mike
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>> Brendan Power said
>> "I was presented with a local black pudding and ate some onstage.Delicious!"
>> After spending time with Brendan in Singapore at the 2010 Asia Pacific
>> Harmonica Festival, I can confirm that he is a brave and intrepid consumer of
>> local cuisines.
>> Tony Eyers
>> Australia
>> ...everyone plays

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