[Harp-L] 2012 SPAH Convention Seminars

Since my last posting, the list of seminars and workshops has grown longer; but, there is room for more, so email me. We'll be adding more detail about the seminars on the SPAH webpage shortly, so have a look at www.spah.org. The list is still subject to change.
Cheryl Arena: Beginnerâs Harmonica Workshop
Cheryl Arena, Mary Jane Gormley, John Schaman & 
 Buddy Wakefield : BreatheÂEasy(er)-Harmonicas in Therapy 
LJ Atkison: Bass X4 
Brandon Bailey: Solo Performance Harmonica-The Art of DoingÂit 
Chris Bauer, Phil Caltabellotta & George Miklas: TBA 
Mike Caldwell: The Craft of Country Harp 
Virgil Cole: Chromatics 101 
James Conway: Celtic Harmonica 
Jerry Devillier: Cajun Music 
Bill Dulin: Making Backing Tracks with a Computer 
Phil Duncan: Basic Diatonic 
Phil Duncan: Basic Chromatic Harmonica 
Pablo Fagundes: Brazilian Music 
Joe Filisko: Teach-In 
Mary Jane Gormley: Decoding Standard Notation 
Adam Hamil: The Hohner Instant Workshop: A Complete 
Stan Harper: TBA 
Jia-Yi He: Tremolo Harmonica 
Richard Hunter: Looping & Layering-Getting the Most 
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ fromÂthe Gear 
Filip Jers: Swedish Folk Music 
Filip Jers: Jazz Harmonica-Chromatic or Diatonic? Or Both? 
Bob McFarlane: Vibrato âPlusâ 
Don McRee: 3rd Position Playing Made Easy 
David Naiditch: Playing Jazzy Blues on Chromatic 
Todd Parrott: Overblow Techniques 
Todd Parrott: Country & Gospel Harmonica 
Brendan Power: Using Looping in Live Performance 
Brendan Power: Presenting the New Suzuki-TBA 
Joe Powers: TBA 
Michael Rubin: Morning Beginnersâ Blues Jam 
Nedra Russ: Open Mike 101 
Nedra Russ: Speech Level Singing & the Harmonica 
Jean Sabot: Alternative Tuning for Traditional Music 
Elizabeth Schulz & George Miklas: TBA 
Sgro Brothers: 70 Years Playing Harmonica 
Ronnie Shellist: Blues Harmonica-Mastering Nuances 
Matthew Smart & Scott Hetrick: Harmonica Custom Tricks 
Al Smith: Workshop (Pre-registration required) 
Judy Smith: Workshop (Pre-registration required) 
Gerry Sondreal: Band in a Box 
Charles Spranklin: The Quest for Tone 
Patrick O. Young: Keltic-Folk Music Workshop 

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