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Ah yes, Sky King and Two Generations - two of my biggest harmonica influences before I really understood harmonica.

Harp and horns is a blast and really does sound great as long as 1. Harmonica is in tune w/itself and rest of band  (including harmonica bending to pitch notes created) 2. Horn players are with the program.

I've had a lot of fun over the years with bands and a few jam sessions in which the horn players (trumpet, sax) were mature and comfortable in creating a solid support musically for what was happening.

Don't work too well when the horn players are cursed with electric guitar player syndrome chromosomes in their genetic make up.

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In the 1970s I was in the Darius Brubeck Ensemble which later morphed into Two 
Generations Of Brubeck.  This group featured a "horn section" of tenor sax, bass 
trombone, clarinet and harmonica.

Also in the 70s I toured with Sky King which had Tenor sax and harmonica.


A couple of years ago I saw Rod Piazza do a gig with 3 tenor sax players ! ! !

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