[Harp-L] Bearizona Boogie and Bearizona Shuffle

The day before Easter we took our granddaughter up to Bearizona.  It is a
National Wildlife Park in Williams Arizona.  It is both a drive through and
walk through park.  When I was putting together all the photos and video I
decided to just do a couple of harmonica improvs a the background music.  I
used Ultimate Jam Tracks Volume 2.  I'm using the same basic boogie/shuffle
type riff in both videos but with different backing tracks in different
keys.  The first one is over "Funky Blues in C" which I play on a Suzuki
Promaster Low F and the second one is over "Chicago Shuffle in A" which I
play on a Seydel 1847 Noble in D.

The low F is the first time I've tried a low harp and it was definitely a
little different.  I do think it is kind of interesting how the same riff
can sound so different with two different backing tracks.  I know the music
is only mediocre but please enjoy the photos and video.  Black bears,
American Bison, White Bison, Arctic Wolves, Canadian Lynx, and more.

Bearizona Boogie

Bearizona Shuffle

Daniel McKernan

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