[Harp-L] Melodica reeds

My 10-year-old son David II has recently picked up the melodica again... he started out with a Seydel Triola when he was little, honed his chops on that. Now, he's figuring out all kinds of scales, chords... He's showing off to his friends now. Reminds me of when I was a kid, I used to be the same way with the harmonica. Today he was doing throat vibratto... let's see if some of these chops will go over to harp (fine if not, never pushed him to do anything). 
The Melodica is a Hohner from the 1960s probably. It was in like new condition, at the Salvation Army for $5. 
Now that's he's enjoying it and playing it, I figure it's gonna wind up on the bench sooner or later.
Has anybody changed a reed in one of these things? 


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