Re: [Harp-L] Wedding gig

I also require a 50% deposit to book a gig including receptions. It just makes everyone committed. I also have them look at our song list to see what they want to hear and if there is a special sond we can learn it prior to the event. I also want them to come and hear us live, no CD's sent out as we are a party band and if they hear us live they will book us. It works for us. The seceret is "Give them what they want"!

Bob "The Captain" Boyd
Texas Tide Band

I have success when everything is agreed before, including 50% deposit paid. That way, everyone has a basic understanding to begin with.
Before playing at the wedding, a quick chat w/whomever (bride's father, groom, whoever is to pay the remaining $) to reaffirm everyone's understanding goes a long way towards heading off sadness.

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