[Harp-L] For Sale-LaVoie Titanium Combs for Hohner MS:Series Big River, Blues Harp, Pro Harp, Cross Harp, Meisterklasse harmonicas.


Hello Harp-L ,

It has been a long time since I have posted on Harp-L.

I have been focusing on my Career with American blues roots duo-Bill Sims
Jr.& Mark LaVoie. Click on the link below to visit our Artist Page.



I am selling 7 of my LaVoie Titanium Combs from my private collection. I
originally, had 18  LaVoie Titanium Combs, when I played nothing else but


Anyhow, these LaVoie Titanium Combs are from  the 1st, and 2nd runs from
1997, with the LaVoie logo on the back of the comb.


I played these combs when I had all 18 keys set up, but I have made some
changes in the Lower Octave harmonicas I play, and I am looking to sell
these for $125.00 each.

 New back in 1997, I was selling these for $160.00.


You can send me an email at  lavoie@xxxxxxxxx


Or call my Cell:802-236-5665


All the best!, and stay tuned!


Mark Lavoie

4849 Bristol Rd

Bristol, VT  05443




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