Subject: [Harp-L] Re: Ancient Filisko?

I've written about MAAS polish before. It really works very well on  
tarnish, can be used both on Brass and cover plates, undersides as well and is  
the least toxic metal and jewelry cleaner I've found. I've used it  around 
reeds on the tip of eye makeup swabs which resemble Q-tips but don't  shred.
Just a tiny dab at a time --you'd be surprised just how much dirt,  
rush/tarnish comes off. The cover plates might take a few tries, but  it will leave 
the reed plates gorgeous and with a soft luster. I use  it on all my silver 
jewelry and on my Super 64.
I've bought it at local Drugstores (CVS, Rite Aid, etc.) It's also  
available online. It's the least toxic metal/jewelry cleaner out there - can  even 
be used on plexiglas and glass and is highly recommended for horns.
Here's a link for the info, but I didn't pay anything remotely close to the 
 prices shown here. My original small tube cost around $6.00(?) at the time 
which  now probably goes for $7.00+ although I bought some on EBay and paid 
quite  a bit less for 4 tubes:
Follow with an Isopropyl alcohol wipe-down.
PS: You might want to watch Jason Ricci's 'Kaboom' video as well. 
His approach is a bit different than mine but he's  definitely THE diatonic 
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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:24:32 -0700
From: David  Fairweather <dmf273@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Re: Ancient  Filisko?
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Joe signs and dates his reed  plates-


Thanks, I opened up the  harp and sure enough, just above the 7-8 top reeds
it says "Filisko 4-10-98"  and also its got my name printed alongside the
#2 reed!
Man this harp is  so badly tarnished inside and out, I'm wondering if I
should take some brass  cleaner to it. I guess not, the harp still plays
well enough and those  cleaners are poisonous. Still, I wish there was
something I could do to  pretty it up again."

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