[Harp-L] Harmonica Manufaturers in former East Germany

Hi Dave,

This is a fascinating potted history. Communism is a bit like  Christianity
- a wonderful idea, but it is a pity nobody (or very few) actually tried it.
The movie "Other Peoples' Lives gives a good insight into  what life was
like under the communist regime in East Germany.

As far as harmonicas were concerned the apparatchiks apparently wanted the
factories to produce and export the instruments by the kilo and the heck
with quality. When I tried to purchase a Seydel in Hamburg a few years ago,
the earnest music store proprietor did not stock Seydel and told me "the
quality is not very good you know" I am pleased to see that the Music Store
in question has since become a Seydel vendor.

I visited Bulgaria on business about twenty years ago and was told at the
time that their shoe manufacturers were having similar problems with the
regime. They had  some very creative ways of circumventing the authorities.


Aongus Mac Cana

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