[Harp-L] my new band Los Mighty Calacas

Yeah Richard ,i love them patches,and the digitech,its great for traveling,you can always go thru the PA and sound good...i thought about buying a newer one but what a hell...many people with this old great tube fender amps...i gotta be a little vintage too....!!!!

Bill the patches im using are from Richard for the Rp 200 and are  the "Twdhard" in the cumbia song (the one with the chroamatic)and the other song that we are playing in the Hohner booth..........and the" Cl1dly" that got  kind of  a Leslye sound....on the slow one......

Charlie thanks for your words ,you know what they mean to me!as i told you this  several times,but now i have to  say it in public(in harp -L, cause all my people are tired of hearing it!hahaha)your album Continental Drifter is one of the huge reason of what  im doing this that im doing now.......when i started playing harp  ovbiously i was so hooked to the blues and black american music that i forgot to play my own roots music,it had to be you with that album who turn me back again to it!!!!!!!and also  you showed me how to use the blues harp in that music.........i remember reading a review in El Pais ,the most important and sold newspaper in spanish saying that you harmonica fitted like a glove to a hand(a spanish expresion)to the songs of Eliades Ochoa....and hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!que te parece Cholita!!!! and el Chan Chan ,yeah,like Eliades said "esto es un chan chan pa la historia")this is a chan chan for history!!!!!!!gracias compa!!!!! im crossing my fingers that we finally see us next month in Mexico,that gonna be something!!!!!!

Willian thanks for the interest!!!! we are just now  finishing the cd,if nothing happens it will be out in the middle of june.........thouse three songs gonna be on the cd and one of them gonna have a very special guest!!!!!!


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