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It sounds like a problem I get sometimes if I use a death grip on a diatonic. The back pressure forces air into a given chamber, in your case
hole 1. I can pretty much duplicate the effect on most Golden Melody harps.

Play the harp with just one hand. Don't cup it. Do you still get hole 1 responding?

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Thanks for your replies!! Its great and funny to read them all! What a
great resource!!
I have noticed that even when I block off the blow 5, 6 or 7 reeds with my
finger and the cover on the bottom that the 1 draw reed or B reed still
sounds off. So I imagine that it is not in sympathy it sounds but perhaps
an air leak or some other phenomenon, some time warp worm hole continuum!!
But I will try opening the gap and curving the reed and sealing the screws
with wax in a last ditched attempt! I may also try making vent in the comb
as it doesn’t happen with the comb off. I tried crimping the comb which
helped a little so maybe an extra vent might help…
Thanks for all the feedback!

-- Cathal Johnson

Take Care Mike www.harmonicarepair.net

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