[Harp-L] Ancient Filisko?

In cleaning out an old box of harps,  I've come across an ancient
customized Marine Band,  key of A,  which I'm 80% sure is probably a
Filisko.    Are there any giveaway marks or telltale signs I should look
for to verify whether it is what I think it is?   I know,  its terrible of
me to have so many harps I can't even remember a Filisko!  But I'm pretty
sure that's what it is.  It's got a dark wood comb.  The reedplates are
held on by four bolts across the top edge.   The cover plates have been
modified, and held in by one bolt on each side.  It looks like they've also
been bent or curved towards the back but its hard to say how much of that
is customization and how much was just from having been collapsed from use.
 The harp still plays well even though its badly tarnished inside and out.

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