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I just can't get my head around an air leak that significant and channeled so well to one place. It also stops when she takes the covers off.


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Have you tried filing flat the areas immediately around the threaded holes in the draw plate? The self tapping screws usually pull a little brass out of the holes, especially when over tightened. May be preventing the plate from properly contacting the comb, providing a path for air to migrate to that reed. Are you using stock combs, or have you installed custom combs? If using a custom comb with no clearance provisions for the draw plate rivets, you'll need to file the draw plates flat or dremel reliefs in the comb to allow the plate to make proper contact with the comb. 

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> Thanks for your replies!! Its great and funny to read them all! What a
> great resource!!
> I have noticed that even when I block off the blow 5, 6 or 7 reeds with my
> finger and the cover on the bottom that the 1 draw reed or B reed still
> sounds off. So I imagine that it is not in sympathy it sounds but perhaps
> an air leak or some other phenomenon, some time warp worm hole continuum!!
> :)
> But I will try opening the gap and curving the reed and sealing the screws
> with wax in a last ditched attempt! I may also try making vent in the comb
> as it doesnât happen with the comb off. I tried crimping the comb which
> helped a little so maybe an extra vent might helpâ
> Thanks for all the feedback!
> -- 
> Cathal Johnson

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