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Great piece of instruction from Jason. I'm pleased to hear him citing the influence of Charlie McCoy on Pat Ramsey, and thus, one must infer, on himself.
In my opinion McCoy changed the face of diatonic harp playing as much as Little Walter, and as much or more than anyone else you care to mention.
He remains, in terms of popular music, the highest profile diatonic player since WWII, at least.
Strangely, he very rarely gets a mention on harp-l; probably because of the heavy leaning towards the blues/rock idiom.
Jason is certainly one extraordinary player, and it's good to see him out there again.

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OOPSs, the link didn't work.  Sorry.  Try this link.  Or you can search You Tube. 

Lockjaw Larry

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so wheer is it?

I just entered into a new dimension of playing, thanks to Jasons new You Tube upload on "Triplits on Harmonica" here: 
>So THAT'S how he does it?!!!  Thanks Jason.  Glad you're posting again.
>Lockjaw Larry
>Breathing music faster daily

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