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"Brian Stear" wrote:
<Hey Marcos, I love the sound you were getting. It was nice to see how the drummer was listening and <playing with you. Were you running your Digitech through the PA? I too, use a Digitech ( RP200 ) <with Richards presets with full bands. ArenÃÂÂt they great! No one ever accuses me of not being <dirty enough. Has got to be one of the easiest, most consistent, setups IÃÂÂve ever used. Soundmen <love it. What model Digitech do you use?

I hope everybody on this list read the message above at least twice...

I'd just like to note that while the RP200 makes great sounds, I'd advise people looking to get started with RPs to think about the RP155/255/355 instead.  The 200 doesn't have the great reverbs you find in the more recent RPs, which is REALLY important if you plan to use the RP to play acoustic music as well as electric music.  The newer models are capable of doing everything the 200 does and then some, and with used RP255s selling for under $100 (and RP155s selling for under $50), the difference in price isn't much.

I make the same money whether you buy the patches for the 200 or the 255; I just think the value for money is better with the newer devices.  But like I say on my website, if you've got an RP200 lying around the house, go for it.

Regards, Richard Hunter

Regards, Richard Hunter  

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