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Well, yes it is. Relay is exactly the right word despite your  being in 
Chicago unless you were the person who physically took the call  from these 
endorsers and can also specify exactly who was the individual from  Hohner who 
purportedly made the calls to your endorsers, n'est-ce-pas?

Just how many endorsers were there? Half a dozen? More than 10? Did any of  
them specify just exactly who was the individual who made the 'offer'? 
Facts and  proof are necessary to make this kind of charge, otherwise it's only  
third-hand hearsay.

As you might remember, David, I've been a staunch defender of not only  
Harrison but you as well on these boards since I know you to be an upstanding  
individual as well as knowing your previous job was as a Reporter who 
believed  in providing the researched and true facts of a situation. Unless and 
until this  story is verified though, it's no more than an unverified tale 
told about  Harrison's endorsers--conveyed to you by a third party unless you 
were the  person on the other end of the phone.

In reality Harrison, even at optimum peak production could take very little 
 of the harmonica market share away from Hohner (compared to Seydel or 
Suzuki,  for instance - their real competition), so the idea of Hohner being 
even  remotely threatened by Harrison's success enough to do something like 
this  simply doesn't jibe and therefore comes across as entirely illogical  to 
me. JMHO of course.

Before accepting this story as being factual I'd personally want to know  
the name of the individual who made those calls AND if that individual  is 
currently in the employ of Hohner (or ever was), before drawing any  
conclusions about Hohner ever condoning behaviour of this kind.

In fact, given the animosity consistently displayed towards Harrison on so  
many harmonica boards almost from its inception, isn't it entirely  
possible they were bogus (crank) calls designed purely to hurt your company  while 
using Hohner as a scapegoat --unless of course you have some absolutely  
incontrovertible physical proof otherwise?

PS: Definitely concur about Lars Seifert of Seydel and the Suzuki Reps:  
Waichiro and Daron especially being the nicest people. I have had excellent  
interactions with all of them and consider them my friends. In fact I don't 
know  ANY reps from Harmonica Companies who are not exceedingly nice people.

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"Relay" wasn't the right word because I was in Chicago when it went  down." 

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Everybody from Hohner was always nice to me. I  always liked Sissy, Bill 
and I did enjoy meeting Steve, etc.
One interesting  thing though from my little stint on the sinking ship 
Harrison Harmonicas.  
Suzuki was very kind to us and treated us with respect. Seydel was very 
kind  to us and treated us with respect, especially CEO Lars, who had all these 
 encouraging words to say to us.
One day we start getting these calls... calls  from every single endorser 
listed on our Web site. Each one of them said they'd  gotten a call from 
Hohner offering them an endorsement deal if they'd drop their  Harrison 
endorsement and endorse Hohner. 
Maybe it wasn't actually Hohner's  call. Maybe this was just Hohner doing 
what it was told to do by the Taiwanese  company that owns it. I really don't 
know. I'm not casting blame, just relaying  a story. I suppose it's all 
business. But I do remember who was nice and genuine  and who the giant was 
that made a move to strip ALL endorsees from a struggling  young company. 
That's all in the past, of course, but those things stick with  you. Hard to 

David  "

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