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Dr. Antaki, I'm glad you chimed in on this. How much of Junior Johnson's 80 proof moonshine would be needed to disinfect an unsealed Marine Band? My thoughts have been a covering of all internal surfaces would do. 
Funny you should mention scotch, I spent some time a few years ago experimenting with bourbon and found the old timers might have been on to something with a quick dip of an unsealed pearwood harmonica into bourbon. When it dries, it fills in pores to some degree. If one let's a few drops of barrel aged whiskey dry on a flat, hard surface like a plate, it's a bit easier to see what it does. 


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> I've actually given this a great deal of thought, and conducted research in which I cultured the bugs before and after various modes of disinfection.
> Cutting to the chase, my favorite high-tech solution is ozone.  It gets into all the nooks and crannies, and does not involve any moisture. It kills most everything, and only takes a couple of minutes.  If you're interested, I would refer you to the shameless commerce division of turboharp website. (
> My favorite low-tech option is a dilute solution of chlorine bleach - approximating the level of a swimming pool. But be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards.  H202 is also a good option. In a pinch, mouthwash like chloraseptic is a backup option, as is ethanol for that matter - preferably in the form of 25-year-old scotch whisky.
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