Re: [Harp-L] my new band Los Mighty Calacas

marcos coll wrote:
> My new band Los Mighty Calacas........the harp sound is thru a digitech with the great patches of Richard Hunter....i love them!!!!

Sounds great!  In case anyone is wondering, Marcos is using my patch set for the Digitech RP200/200A.  I used the RP200 onstage for years before I replaced it with the Digitech RP355. I certainly liked the sound of the RP200, but the better reverbs, bigger set of amp models and FX, and ability to update sounds via USB won me over to the newer models.

Technology changes, but human ears don't, and a good sound is a good sound pretty much forever.  If anybody's got an RP200 lying around that they'd like to put to good use, the patches I sold to Marcos are still available.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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